"I believe the best sessions happen when the therapist remains present and encourages the client to remain in the moment and in their body. The focus then is on the client and in the work we are doing together, and the client speaks their need at any given moment."

" I allow time to "check in" before the session begins. This gives me a knowing of how to work and a time for the client to be fully heard."

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage relieves muscle stiffness and pain by intentional manipulation of the muscles. It allows for a fuller range of motion. Relieving feelings of stress which encourages a state of health and wellness. It has the ability to break a chronic pain cycle and begins the healing of an injury. Massage vitalizes the skin and can stop a tension headache. Emotional, mental and or physical trauma can be stored in the cells. Massage and or Shiatsu has been known to bring this trauma to the surface to be healed. Massage is an a excellent tool which can help the release an entrapment of a nerve. Massage therapy helps keep the body young and vital. Ann is successful in treating frozen shoulder syndrome and sciatic nerve pain originating from periformis syndrome. She is highly effective in neck and shoulder pain, stiffness.

Shiatsu Therapy

Shiatsu is excellent in the re-balance of excessive, stagnant or depleted energy. Ampuku (Japanese abdominal massage)stimulates the flow of energy to aid in digestive issues, PMS symptoms and is highly effective in stimulating the internal organs which benefits the whole body. This mode of work relieves headaches and can calm the mind. Regular sessions of shiatsu builds on itself. Helps to promote aid in a stronger immunity. This type of work helps to resolve back pain and stiffness. When administered in a particular way, promotes flexibility. To receive shiatsu is a unique experience, one that revitalizes the mind, body and spirit. Shiatsu can be added to massage to enhance that work.

Please refrain from eating an hour before a session or just something lite. Wear or bring loose comfortable clothing for Shiatsu.

"To relax the body is necessary, to relax the mind is essential."