Feng Shui

What is the resonance of your living or work space? Does being there make you feel renewed, relaxed, clear and content? Or, does a feeling of being stuck, ridged, overwhelmed, unfocused or perhaps discomfort in your surroundings prevail?

I originally became certified in 2008. I continue to use Feng Shui as a source of intention for my life.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement. The belief is that our surroundings impact our lives. You master your space, you align your life. Space provides ample opportunity to create harmony in life as well as  intention to aspire higher. 

When working with an existing negative pattern in some area of your life, you can increase the life force of your surroundings and hence your life.

Declutter your space, unclutter your mind.

Do you walk past a certain area of your home or office and turn your head so you don’t have to see?

Decluttering is the first step to do before Feng Shui.

A Feng Shui visit normally takes about two hours. You must provide me with a blue print or a scaled drawing of your living space or office.

The rate for a Feng Shui consultation is $270.00. 

To make and talk about arrangements for a Feng Shui visit please call Ann Limric @ 612 600-9239 or email me at alimric@gmail.com


"Increase your life force, change your life.."